The new president of the US MPIF is optimistic about the 2010 powder metallurgy industry

Michael E. Lutheran, the new chairman of the American Metal Powder Industry Association (MPIF) and vice president of American Metal Powder Co., Ltd., believes that “the powder metallurgy industry is facing a period of slow recovery, and it is expected that the situation in 2010 will be better than that in 2009.” North America in 2010 Light vehicle production will increase to 10 million units and will return to 12-14 million units in 2011-13. He believes that the powder metallurgy industry must strengthen cooperation with the technicians of transplant vehicle manufacturers. “We need to continue our efforts to encourage the application of more powder metallurgy parts in transplant vehicles.”
“We must also promote the benefits of powder metallurgy as a green technology that uses renewable resources to transplant vehicles and original equipment manufacturers,” Lutheran said. “I am very pleased to announce that the MPIF Industrial Development Committee is planning this year. Launched a sustainable marketing program to promote powder metallurgy as a green industry and technology."
Lutheran also believes that MPIF's recently launched Catalogue of Powder Metallurgy Auto Parts can be another way to emphasize the importance of powder metallurgy to automotive engineers. “This is another way to focus more attention on multiple individual components in a typical vehicle than on the pounds of powder metallurgy parts in each car.” “We need to show people that powder metallurgy continues The development achieved."
Lutheran is confident in the development of powder metallurgy in the new decade. “I believe that the powder metallurgy industry will recover from the current downturn.” He emphasized that “MPIF and other industry companies will achieve even greater success in the future.”

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