Early maturing cultivation techniques of hanging melon

Hanging melon, the scientific name of the scorpion, also known as the melon, is a perennial vine of Cucurbitaceae. It is suitable for warm and humid climate. It grows on slopes, forests and courtyards. It has strong adaptability and is widely distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In the mountainous

Incarnation "commission" Cobos service robot …

"Save 100,000 yuan or go to the counter, local tyrants." "Oh, my feet are stunned!" Recently, I have exposed a video of a Bank of Communications robot on the Internet. Not only can I guide customers to handle related business, but also various kinds of sn

Development and application of TY120C hydraulic pusher

Xinwen Mining Group Tongli Machinery Co., Ltd. Duan Xiulan Xinhanye Group Liangzhuang Coal Mine Zhang Liping. To shirt, 3 胗 heavy to Ding, vertebra. The design principle of the device is 4 and 暇, 1腧 and the test situation and application of the rose. The hydraulic pusher is an

Five characteristics of infrared dome camera

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Speaking of infrared dome camera, it is a high-precision craft product, and at the same time, it has a certain position in the market. In order to let everyone know more about the characteristics of this product, and summarize the contents! F

How to maintain the water ring vacuum pump?

In recent years, with the growing development of China's production technology, vacuum pumps in the production of a more extensive range of applications. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, food, electronic coating and other industries. Vacuum pumps, including water ring pump, reciproca

Rotor pump maintenance and repair recommendations

Today, the rotor pump is widely used in food and beverage, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries, the parts are made of stainless steel in line with hygienic standards, the seals are non-toxic rubber. Reliable rust and non-toxic tightness ensures safety and hygiene, so

What are the advantages of broken aluminum doors and wi…

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 The reason why doors and windows are beautiful is based on the design, already energy saving doors and windows, there are many living windows and doors, such as: aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken aluminum doors and windows, color aluminum doors

Summer corn deficiency is symptomatic to fertilize

Phosphorus deficiency. Phosphorus deficiency in summer maize showed poor root development and slow growth during seedling stage. The obvious phosphorus deficiency in the plants was concentrated in the 5-leaf stage, and there were symptoms such as purple-yellow leaves, purple tip leaves, and cur

New process for insulation and corrosion of special-sha…

1.2 Apply a stripping agent outside the semi-model, attach the fiberglass cloth to the mold and adjust it with resin, curing agent, accelerating agent, etc., and evenly brush on the fiberglass cloth with a brush. 1.3 The aluminum foil is cut and the strip is tightly attached to the fiberglass cl