[Decoration knowledge] Concrete cast-in-place loft cons…

The cast-in-place concrete of reinforced concrete should be a better way to build a loft if space conditions permit. It is affordable, reliable, and long-lived. The concrete floor is permanent, and the normal service life is 70 years. According to the normal construction process, the service life

How to Renovate Toilet Bathroom Decoration Precautions

The bathroom is a separate space, but it has a lot of functions. It can be a bath and a toilet, so it's clean. Under the changing lifestyle of modern people, the bathroom has more flexible layout methods, providing a new concept for the bathroom. The following small series for everyone to intr

Hebei Kun Teng Pump Co., Ltd. KTTL series desulfurizati…

KTTL series desulfurization pump is a single-stage, single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump developed by Hebei KunTeng Pump Co., Ltd. The pump has the advantages of safe and reliable, easy maintenance, long service life and low operation cost advantage. So what are the characteristics of the pum

Vibration and noise of vane pump causes and solutions

As pump vane pump is widely used in mobile or stationary devices, when the pump vibrates and noises, we know where the reason is, and what should be done when this happens? With these questions, the following is the vane pump vibration and noise on the causes and solutions introduced. Vane pump vib

There is someone black biodiesel, what do you think!

Biodiesel Network November 13th: I saw this news when I turned on the computer in the morning. It roughly meant that there was a fire in a kitchen in Nanchang yesterday morning. Some so-called insiders revealed that the cause of the accident was caused by biodiesel deflagration; A rescue person who

Stainless steel gear pump structure description

[Asia Pump Network News] stainless steel gear pump is a horizontal rotary pump, the main pump, gears, housings, safety valves, bearings and seals and other mechanical components. So stainless steel gear pump structure of the various components have what kind of characteristics? With this question,

YMKL wear-resistant decay resistant liquid pumps under …

YMKL wear-resistant decay resistant liquid under the pump has the advantages of reasonable structure, easy maintenance, long service life, then when you need to disassemble the pump, we know how to disassemble it? If you do not know, the following is about Introduction of YMKL wear-resisting liquid

What is the ceiling lamp installation method? How to in…

What is the ceiling lamp installation method? The lamp is the home's eyes and soul. The shape and light effects of the lamp directly affect the atmosphere, beauty and health of family life. Because ceiling lamps are new products, many people are scrambling to buy them. Ceiling lights can be ins

Sakura integrated ceiling how cherry integrated ceiling…

Sakura Integrated Ceiling is a professional manufacturer of suspended ceilings. It integrates heating, ventilation, lighting and ceiling functions into one, and is known throughout the country for its precision, precision, and classic quality. It is a kitchen and bathroom expert who is dedicated t

What materials are generally used for TV background wal…

What material is generally used for TV background walls? The TV background wall occupies a large proportion in the decoration of the entire living room. After all, this is directly related to the mood of leisure and entertainment. Of course, different materials used in the decoration of the TV back