Potato no-tillage and grass cultivation is better

The new technology of planting potato in rice field no-tillage straw is a complicated and laborious problem for solving the traditional cultivation method of potato. According to the growth and development law of potato, it is formed by underground tuber swelling. Under the suitable conditions of t

Video recorder hard disk common faults and solutions

[ Pacific Security Network News ] Before introducing the video recorder hard disk failure, the definition of the video recorder hard disk is introduced. The digital video recorder (DVR), that is, the digital video recorder, is often used by the hard disk video recorder compared with the traditional

Top Ten Brands of Fire Doors in 2014

[ Pacific Security Network News ] Fire doors, which prevent and prevent the spread of fires, are filled with perlite plates for arson and sound insulation. In the latest news in 2014, the top ten brands of fire doors have been released. The following small series introduces the list of the top ten

What about sweet potato hollow? Sweet potato hollow con…

Sweet potato hollow control method: 1. Change the Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright Reasonable rotation for mites will effectively reduce the damage of stem nematodes and have a better control effect on sweet potato hollows. There is also the possibility of deep ploughing and fine turning before

Steel, or aluminum?

[China Aluminum Industry Network] In the end, whether automotive materials used “steel” or “aluminum” are good, causing a great uproar in the luxury car market. The origin of the incident is: Mercedes-Benz's new E-Class has been accused of different standards at home and

How to solve the problem of toilet feng shui?

The bathroom is one of the most used places in the daily life of the home, but many people do not pay much attention to the feng shui element when decorating the bathroom, so it is easy to violate the feng shui taboo when using the bathroom later. In this case, we can only Use some small trick

Lightning rod working principle

Introduction: Lightning rods, also known as lightning protection needles, are devices used to protect buildings, tall trees, etc. from lightning strikes. A lightning receptor is installed on the top of the object to be protected, and the wire is connected to the ground leakage network buri

The Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Related W…

Abstract Recently, the National Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Coordination Promotion Group, the General Group and the Expert Advisory Group's inaugural meeting and the first plenary meeting were held in Beijing. The meeting was organized by the National Standardization Adminis

Opel's furniture talks about the three categories o…

In the current furniture market, there are many methods for classifying mahogany furniture , which leads to the failure to unify the category names of mahogany furniture. The drawback of the long-term is that consumers and collectors are likely to be in the process of purchasi

Steel Guards Purchase Guide

There are always some people who would like to consult the zinc steel guardrail for more than one meter? In fact, zinc steel guardrail manufacturers have many styles of zinc steel guardrails for customers to choose because of the use of different environments, the same style of guardrail s