Twisted Pair Cabling Considerations

Twisted Pair (Twisted Pair) is a kind of universal wiring made of two mutually insulated wires that are mutually entangled according to certain specifications (individually wound clockwise) and belongs to the information communication network transmission medium. Twisted pair is important in the pa

Keeping in mind when using electrical safety switch swi…

Switches and sockets are accessories that are frequently used in our daily lives. The safety and durability of these accessories are of great concern to us. Only the installation of qualified switches and sockets can ensure the convenience and safety of residential electricity. Therefore, the inst

Family balcony decoration notes that this decoration is…

The balcony is a place of cultivation: to cultivate flowers and plants, to cultivate fish, to sit in the window and to sit in the chair, to take a drink with green tea, a small balcony, bloom and leisure charm, flower blossom, cloud Scroll Yunshu and bring everything back to the eye. In life, when

How IP Speedball Meets Industry Needs

How to effectively improve the night-time effect of IP high-speed dome camera and make it more clear at night? From a technical point of view, the best way to solve the night effect is to fill up the light, whether it is infrared fill light, laser fill light, white light fill light, can make up f

Thread processing of CNC boring machine

Qiqihar North Machinery Co., Ltd. (Heilongjiang 161000) Zhao Xiangyu has four main methods for thread processing: the first one is turning, which is mainly used to machine the thread of various rotary parts; the second is the collision, mainly used for Non-rotating body parts and hole type thread p

Indoor decoration wall color which is better

Indoor decoration wall color which is better? Of course, there are children's rooms, and some are adults' rooms. So Xiao Bian will introduce to you the color of the children's room decoration. Everyone thinks of children, they think of lively, cheerful, sunny and full of vitality. Then t

How to solve the problem that IP network cameras have n…

1. If it is to determine the LINE audio input port, then check if the power supply of the microphone is normal and check whether the pickup is connected correctly. 2, first determine whether the network camera audio input is: LINEIN (linear level) If the above two cases are determined, the sound

Detector knowledge quiz!

1. How much does the lens window window affect the detector? What is the difference between a precision lens and an ordinary lens? The lens window is dense, and the detection distance will be far, but it may not be detected at close range. The window detection distance will be closer, and the rang

LED products anti-static Raiders

LED pays great attention to anti-static measures. The following are several instructions for static electricity and anti-static electricity: 1. The source of static electricity: The source of static electricity that affects the circuit is mainly the human body, plastic products and related equipme