How to calculate the decay rate of PV modules?

   With the advent of the photovoltaic era, the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems by every household is not only a means to make a fortune, but also a major trend in household electricity use in the future. When it comes to th

Stanford develops 4D camera to enhance light field came…

Scientific and technological developments, according to foreign media reports, Stanford University and the University of California, San Diego (University of California San Diego, UCSD ) developed a single-center lens (monocentric lens), and the use of multiple lenses and micro-lens array (mi

Application of inorganic thermal insulation materials i…

1 Building energy-saving and insulation materials China's vast territory, winter and summer heat is very prominent, compared with other countries in the same latitude, winter temperature from the north of the Yangtze River to the northeast is 10~18T, the summer temperature is high 2. Due to Chi

Two Misunderstandings of Joining Agent's Smart Lock

Fingerprint password lock is an increasingly popular smart product nowadays. Therefore, many manufacturers will begin to participate in fingerprint lock agent joining ranks. However, for inexperienced people, they are very easy to step into two "misunderstandings" when thinking about fing

Intelligent anti-theft door lock brand recommendation

Compared with other types of smart door locks, intelligent anti-theft door locks are more suitable for homes. The security performance of intelligent anti-theft door locks can meet the needs of users compared with traditional mechanical locks, whether it is more intelligent in user identification,

Advances in research on mid-infrared nonlinear optical …

The nonlinear optical crystal is an important photoelectric information functional material and plays an increasingly important role in modern technologies such as frequency conversion, optical parametric oscillation, electro-optic modulation and communication. At present, non-l

Smart lock has become the trend of family door locks in…

With the addition of high-end building complexes in China, the demand for smart digital electronic locks is also increasing. In recent years, the country has carried out macro-control on real estate, making house prices no longer appear crazy in the past, and gradually return to rationality. Thus,

Secret pump lift what does it mean

Pump as a very common production and living tools, the use of a very wide range. For most people, the meaning of some proper names for water pumps is not clear. For example, today Xiaobian want to tell the pump head. Pump lift What does it mean? Pump lift what is the role? Please check with Xiaobi

Precautions for using a mobile phone to open a smart do…

Smart door locks say goodbye to the traditional way of unlocking keys, and there are various ways to unlock them. Among them, the most talked about is to use a mobile phone to open a smart door lock. With the popularity of smartphones, more and more families connect smart door locks with mobile ph

Technology|Calcium carbonate enhanced, talc toughened, …

Typical coatings consist of film forming materials, solvents, pigments, auxiliaries, and fillers. Fillers are the largest constituent of the coating in addition to the film-forming material, so the choice of filler is critical to the performance of the coating. The role of fillers in coatings is ma