Rotary vane vacuum pump structure diagram of the princi…

According to the relevant information, we know the definition of rotary vane pump eccentric pump installed within the rotor and the stator fixed surface tangent, two (or more) rotary vane Slide in the rotor slot (usually radial) and in contact with the inner wall of the stator, the pump chamber

How to place bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are not unfamiliar to everyone, and there are many ways to place bookshelf speakers. Different placement positions, the effect of the bookshelf speaker is not the same, a correct placement, can better reflect a sound effect. What are the placement methods fo

Principles and procedures for pump selection

First, the principle of selection The pump is a general-purpose mechanical equipment with a wide range of applications. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric metallurgy, mining, ship selection, light industry, agriculture, civil and defense sectors, and plays an

Tumble Dryer Features Tumble Dryer Usage Notes

Drum dryers are widely used in chemical industry, brewing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and urban sludge treatment. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the characteristics of the drum dryer and the use of matters needing attention, let's look at it together. Roller d

Henan local tax credit information inquiry system onlin…

Abstract If a person does not believe in it, it is “a loss of trust and a limited place” for the enterprise. On June 6th, the credit information inquiry system of Henan local tax research and development was launched, and the credit information of all A and B (higher credit rating

Guide Rail Elevator Maintenance Rail Elevator Maintenan…

For rail lift maintenance, it is closely related to maintenance. Without good maintenance, there will be many problems with maintenance. There are some common maintenance problems that are actually caused by poor maintenance. The solution is the maintenance process. Here are some common rail lift

Yi Cheng Xinneng: Prompt announcement of non-public iss…

Abstract Stock Code: 300080 Securities Abbreviation: Yi Cheng Xinneng Announcement No.: 2016-032 Henan Yicheng New Energy Co., Ltd. Non-public issuance of restricted shares to release restricted sales announcements The company and all board members guarantee the disclosure of information real

Cam splitter

The cam splitter is a high-precision and simple structure intermittent motion device. Recently, many friends have inquired about the meaning of the cam splitter stop-and-go ratio. Today, Xiaobian will take this opportunity to share with you the knowledge of the stop-and-go ratio. . The cam splitt